• Shirts- Must be solid black or white and free of logos; sleeveless tops are not permitted.
  • Pants- Must be solid black; black jeans are not permitted.
  • Skirts- Must be solid black, knee length or longer.
  • Shoes-Must be solid black, closed toe, flat, and have a soft heel; sneakers are not permitted.
  • Jewelry- Must not interfere with clinical application. Tongue, eyebrow, lip, chin, or cheek piercings are not permitted. 
  • Nails- Must be kept short and neatly manicured; dark or chipped nail polish is not permitted.
  • Hair- Must be worn in a way that does not interfere with clinical application. 


  • You are permitted six absences throughout your course of study. Exceeding this amount will result in penalty charges. 
  • Chronic tardiness is not permitted and may result in penalty charges and/or suspension.


If you are caught stealing or cheating, drinking alcohol or using drugs or are impaired/intoxicated during school hours, you will be expelled from our program and your tuition forfeited. 


This is held in high regards; please keep it positive