Our Program: Esthetics - 600 hours

PHASE 1- The Basics

Emphasis on sterilization, hygiene, professional integrity and NH State Board preparation. Skin analysis and physiology with relation to genetics and self-care, and how nutrition affects the skin are top priority.

Hands-on treatments include learning the necessary steps to complete a Classic European Facial. You will learn about customizing your services with specialty products, European massage techniques and aromatherapy. Our user-friendly approach to chemistry and understanding the ingredients in products are certain to take you to a heightened level of professionalism. Finishing Touch make-up application, hair removal, and eyelash tinting will add creative dimension to your treatments.

PHASE 2 – The Science of Beauty

Your efforts will be geared towards perfecting all that you learned during the first phase of our program. Advanced massage techniques and electrotherapy tools are introduced during this phase. Learning how to suggest home care products through prescriptive retailing and recommending treatment series will become permanent components to your success.  Chemical and mechanical exfoliation techniques including use of Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHAs & BHAs) offer strong awareness to the different platforms of Skin Science.

PHASE 3 – The Professional Esthetician

Writing a résumé, job searching tools and a simulated state board exam are important details to Phase 3. You will learn about natural detoxification and implement relaxation therapies from head to toe. You will learn hot stone back treatments, pedicures and eyelash extensions.

PHASE 4- The Clinical Approach

Results-oriented clinical treatments using cosmeceutical skin care systems; peels & microdermabrasion are practiced during this phase. Here you will incorporate protocol including clinical intake, advanced skin analysis & combining therapies that often take place in a med-spa. Gain insight to high performance ingredients, perform advanced extractions & implement clinical facial treatments for mature, acne, hyperpigmented & rosacea skin conditions.  

Online Course of Study

Institute of Skin Science is the only esthetics school in New England to offer you esthetics theory bookwork at a time and place that fits your schedule. Earn up to 150 hours of online theory bookwork. There are rules and restrictions to online classes and not all students will qualify. Please schedule an interview to learn more.